Encrusting Extrusion Machine (KN200)

Product ID: KN200

It is suitable for making Meat Dumpling, Egg Yolk Cake, Barbecue Pork Bun ,Slit Turning Products, Pyzy, Rice Cake with Bean Paste, Hakka Dumpling, Chicken Kiev, Pork Ball, Cake Pie, Pizza Pocket, Piroschki, Maamoul, Kubba, Date Bar, Fish Paste, Coxinha, Potato Bread, Treacle-Cake, Filled Cereal Bar, Filled Stripped Cookies, Pizza Toast, Praline Marzipan, Pound-Cake and more.



Different shape are subject to change extra forming option, freely contact us for details.


  • Machine Dimension: L 1540x W 650x H 1580mm

  • Machine Weight: 430Kg

  • Product Weight: 10 ~ 300g

  • Capacity: 20~60 pcs/min

  • Electricity: 3 Phase, 220 V,1.99KW


It's compact and has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. The weight of products, producing speed and the ratio of casing to filling is adjustable.
It can replace attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding.
It can make the food material with a variety of soft and sticky ones.
It is completely safe to be operated with little noise and long-lasting operation.
It can record separately the production data up to 100 different kinds of products by computer memory unit.

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