About Us


Eminence in technologies. Excellence in tastes.
Are you an owner of a newly incorporated start-up restaurant or a bakery house and wonder about how to find a comprehensive technological solution out for your business venture which would comprise everything from flour dusting to baking?

Something of an Compromising quality, Life-long durability and superior performance?

MIDECS MACHINERY TRADING is the right place to step in and find the answers needed!

A regionwide Manufacturer, Supplier, and Distributor of the cutting-edge bakery machinery, the company is on continuous process of keeping its production quality on the highest standards and levels.

MIDECS MACHINERY TRADING is an experienced Malaysian company headquartered in Semenyih of Selangor which focuses on distribution and supply of a whole range of high-quality bakery, encrusting, and panning machine, both to its private and corporate clients nationwide and region wide.

Established from year of 2013, the company has since then been leveraging up on its rich experience and knowledge through provision cutting-edge industrial bakery and encrusting technologies such as bakery ovens, flour sifters, flour sprinkles machine, panning machines, etc. to the wide range of clientele.


Few striking points of why it is in your very advantage to deal with us. We provide a one-stop solution for our corporate clients as well as impressively a wide range of products for private households, covering all demands and needs for easy, healthy, and pleasant baking.

That has become possible by using the advanced technologies and sophisticated manufacturing units which let us meet the market demands across the country. Our team of professional engineers and managers use the best of their knowledge and experience stored over 20 years in order to satisfy all needs and demands of our customers.

We also offer you a comprehensive consultation services and after-sales service regarding processing and production lines to our clientele.


In respect to the current market needs and demands, MIDECS MACHINERY TRADING has set its vision, mission and core values concept to seek for eminence in technological solution in order to reach the excellence in baked items taste.

We envision ourselves in ever-developing and maintaining our high standards of quality and service delivery in order to become an eminent leader in the industry nationwide and regionwide.

Therefore, we have based our mission on excellence of our quality standards of manufacturing the cutting-edge bakery and cookies foaming machines in order to support the Malaysian industry delivering our consultation services.

Sincere dedication and commitment to strive for the excellent performance of our products and services is our core value and principle.

We highly appreciate and value our

Customers and a complete satisfaction of their needs and demands.

Working team members, their sincere dedication and opportunity to fully explore and employ their talents and skills.


You will marvel at the wide range of products and services we offer at the reasonable price.
Durability and superior performance is what made us successful.
Among our manufacturing equipment are machines for:

  • Encrusting
  • Egg tarts
  • Flour dusting
  • Auto-stamping
  • Moon cake processing
  • Lining up

Also, we provide:

  • Filled cookies production line
  • Multi layers cake depositor
  • Baking tunnel oven
  • Packaging
We also offer consultation services for restructure production line and full automation processing line.