Auto Encrusting Machine with Double Filing Feeder (HM-168III)

Product ID: HM-168III

We are professional manufacturer of Food Machine. Our main products include Auto Cake Filling Machine, Cake Filling Machine, Filling Machine, Auto Cake Slicing Machine, Auto Slicing Machine, etc.

Bakery/Confecionery /Snack: 
Moon Cake, Maamoul, Knoedel,Topfenknodel,Bread Stucks,Polvoron, Toaster Pizza, Filled Pretzels,Knishes,Marzipan, Filled Slit Pretzels, Cookie Bar, Tamales, Twisted Dount, Filled Ring Dount, Fruit Bar,Ginger Bread, Almond Cookie, Pineapple Cake, Piroschki, Flatten Filled Cookie, Sweet Walnut Cake, Striped Cookie, Twisted product, Dinner Roll, Mochi Cake, Ice Box Cookie, Double Filling Cookie, Strietzel, Apple Strudel, Stollen, Ice Cream(Three Flavors),Chocolate Chip Cookie, Open Top Pizza, Meat Sandwich,Designed Cookie, Filling Bagel and more. 
Frozen Foods: 
Coxinha, Arancini, Filled Guocchi,Meat with egg, Rice Croquette,Leek Dumpling, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Meat Patties Filled with Mushroom Sauce,Meat Roll,Beef roll, Pyzy , Fish Ball, Kubba, Rasgulla, Pelmeni,Germknodel,Bite Size Hamburger,Filled Potato, Mochi, Steamed Bun, Chicken Kiev and more.



  • Product Weight : 10~150G

  • Capacity : Max100pcs/min (Under 45g)

  • Machine Dimension ::L1550xW900xH /mm

  • Machine Weight : 250KG

  • Electricity :3Phase,220V,1.29kw(kW)


Product Features
The HM-168-III is a new debut patent article by Hundred Machinery who is specialized in Food Encrusting machine. HM-168 is designed to encase a filling inside outer casing to produce product into balls, barsand cylindrical molding automatically. It’s specialized in manufacturingBakery, Confectionery, Sweet/Cookies, Frozen food products by high output 100pcs/min(under 45g) with a variety of food materials from soft to sticky and can be fitted with shaping optional attachments for secondary molding.



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