Auto Cake Depositor, Filling Machine (HM-510)

Product ID: HM-510


  • Machine Dimension:L1500 x W930 x H1400 / mm

  • Machine Weight:300kg

  • Capacity

    • Round Cake:800 Trays/hr (8"inch)

    • Cup Cake:4000pcs/hr(4x6cm)

    • Whole Tray Cake:300Trays/hr (60x40cm)

    • Puff:4000pcs/hr(4x6cm)

  • Capacity Of Hopper:35L

    • Range of Deposit:5~2000cc

    • Baking Tray Size:Width 46cm

  • Electricity: 1 Phase, 220V


It's suitable for making Muffin,Puff, Cup Cake, Cheese Cake, Eclair, Sponge Cake, Swiss Roll, Short Cake and more.Operated by touching panel and 20 sets programs can be memorized.
Special feeding roller to reduce the situation for spume of batter disappear.
It's can deposited cake to fixed position or displacement to produce various products.

Auto Cake Depositor / Filling Machine

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