15, Jalan P2/13,
Bandar Teknologi Kajang,
43500 Semenyih,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Confectionery / Bakery

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Multi-function Bread,Paratha,Meat bun Processing Machine(HM-968)

Multi-Function Bread,Paratha,Meat Bun, Chinese Bun Processing Machine (HM-868)

Chinese Meat Bun ,Sweet Bun, Bun Processing Machine(HM-698)

Chinese Meat Bun ,Sweet Bun, Bun Processing Machine(HM-688)

Auto Encrusting Machine (Stainless Type) (HM-168)

Drop Machine for Biscuits & Cookies (HM-501)

Auto Cookies Slicing & Panning Machine (HM-401)

Auto Cake Slicing Machine(HM305)

Auto Cake Filling Machine (HM-302)

Auto Cake Depositor, Filling Machine (HM-510)

Encrusting Extrusion Machine (N207)

Encrusting Extrusion Machine (KN300)

Auto High Speed Encrusting Machine (Large Type) (HM-268)

Rheon Reconditioned Encrusting Machine (KN130)

Refurbished Encrusting/Extrusion Machine (KN120)

Encrusting Extrusion Machine (KN200)

Rheon Reconditioned Encrusting Machine (KN500)

Reconditioned Rheon KN600 Encrusting Machine (KN600)

Reconditioned Rheon KN511 Encrusting Machine (KN511)

Reconditioned Rheon Encrusting Extrusion Machine (KN400)

Reconditioned Rheon WN055 Encrusting Machine (WN055)

Pineapple cake & Moon cake & maamoul processing line

Reconditioned Kobird AR800 Encrusting Machine(AR-800-lll)

Reconditioned Kobird AR-88 Encrusting Machine(AR-88-II)

1 - 24 of 28

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